Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thank You

As the year comes to an end, we find ourselves reminiscing about the year that has passed. The good times, the unhappy times, the fun times... We think about the people we've met, some make an indelible impression upon us, while others simply fade from our memories... We take the time to appreciate what we've achieved, learned, imparted upon others... We also take extra time thinking of those that are no longer with us; cherishing each moment spent, that tiny fraction of an instant they were in our lives, how they molded us, inspired us, taught us and simply loved us.

Tucker Hockey has had the privilege of 15 years of sharing our passion and love of the game of hockey within Calgary and surrounding areas. We take great pride in knowing we've helped a lot of someones discover, improve and excel at what we love; hockey. As 2014 approaches, our 16th year of operating, we wait with baited breath and anticipation at how the new year will evolve. We strive to improve our services, we endeavor to make hockey possible for those that never thought it would be and we try to spread goodwill to all of those involved in this sport.

So as you busily take care of all of the little things before the end of the year, take just one moment, stop what you are doing, and reflect upon 2013.

Wishing everyone who's been a part of Tucker Hockey's World, and those that have yet to experience T.H.E. Way, Happy Holidays and have a Wonderful New Year.